Mi Brain from Xiaomi serves the smart assistant for Mi TV 3S

Xiaomi Mi Brain is the latest offering from the Chinese company, Xiaomi. It is a smart assistant that works for the Xiaomi Mi Tv 3S. It can learn your interest and later will recommend you the best movies as per your choice.

Mi Brain


Xiaomi launched the Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus flagship devices. The phones have excellent camera quality that can take on the likes of Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Along with this, Xiaomi also launched the 65-inch Mi Tv 3S. The Xiaomi Mi Brain supports the deep machine learning, NLP, along with the speech recognition feature so that it can take an idea of preference of the user. Then this self-learning Mi Brain will eventually recommend movies and also television serials to the user.

With Xiaomi Mi Brain, the company becomes the first among the makers who released a smart assistant for TV, which is unique in its own way. There were other companies who have announced Artificial Intelligence in their apps.

Earlier, we have found some rumours about the Mi Brain. And later we spotted a few leaked images as well for the Xiaomi Mi Brain on the China based social networking website, Weibo. But at that time, no other details had surfaced regarding its specifications.

Well, to take a note, the Xiaomi Mi Brain can also be specifically termed as the CPU for the Xiaomi Mi Tv 3S. Just like a CPU in a computer, it acts like the main processing unit for the TV. Apparently, this smart assistant could get some smart features as well, such as Wi-Fi connectivity.

To know the specifications of this smart assistant in much more detailed manner, we will have to wait and see for the product to get launched. Well, the China based company has other line-up for products that it has launched on the event. There are Xiaomi Mi Tv 3S, smartphones like Mi 5s and 5s Plus. These smartphones features a dual-rear camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which scans users fingerprint directly and identifies it very quickly.


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