Mi Notebook Air Announcement to be Held on December 23

The Chinese giant Xiaomi has planned its Mi Notebook Air announcement prior to the end of the year. The company has already made available its gigantic range of products focusing on varying markets.

Mi Notebook Air Announcement


The Mi Notebook Air arrays of products were announced a while ago. And the company is now willing to broaden this line of the device. However, it seems that Xiaomi doesn’t want us to wait for this range, and hence the Mi Notebook Air announcement would be done on 23rd of December.

Recently the Chinese manufacturer has sent out invites for this concern. But the process of sending invites haven’t finished yet. A lot of information can be grabbed from the invites that Xiaomi is sending. Let’s take a gradual stroll on the way of revealing.

The invites are displaying a particular date on which the event is supposed to happen. If you see the picture enclosed here, you can unearth the Notebook’s partial view. Though, taking a closer look can precisely babble a few more interesting secrets.

Mi Notebook Air announcement

It says that the new Mi Notebook Air will feature the same keyboard and ports that of the previous normal model, specifically on the right side. You can also see the 4G sign that is made on the notebook’s display. There is a China Mobile logo made on just beside the Xiaomi’s logo. So here at this point, we can conclude that it is a 4G supportable device. However, we cannot confirm it and some changes might happen lately.

Xiaomi has made some unique and interesting products that have been aiming to a variety of audience. The huge range of products also portrays the strong and powerful grasp of Xiaomi over the market.

For this event, we still do not know what features will be unwrapped in the Mi Notebook Air announcement. We hope there would be either a 12.5-inch or a 13-inch display screen. Having said that, we cannot deny the possibility of completely a new size. So let’s wait and watch what Xiaomi caters on its Notebook Air event.


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