Microsoft App for Samsung Android Devices Pre-installed

There will be more of Microsoft app for Samsung Android devices pre-installed in the coming days. This will be a new beginning for the two mega players in the industry. The announcement regarding Microsoft apps on Samsung devices has come from the US-based software company.

Microsoft App for Samsung

Microsoft and Samsung will be joining hands in a attempt to providing mobile output services to more and more customers and users. This partnership will see Samsung pre-installing Microsoft apps on their Android devices. The Microsoft app for Samsung will help in securing productivity for their business.

The apps for business can be used with Samsung KNOX Business Pack as well as with Microsoft Office 365.

Samsung Devices Included

Samsung OneNote will be one of the devices in the Microsoft app for Samsung program. Apart from that there will also be OneDrive that will have 100GB of supplementary free cloud storage. The validity of which will be two years.


We had recently discussed about Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the upcoming gadgets segment. And Samsung has also included these two latest devices for Microsoft app for Samsung. Both these devices will have Skype pre-installed.

More Microsoft App for Samsung

Some of the other apps that will be seen on various Samsung devices are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. There will also be OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype but only on selected Android tablets brought out by Samsung.

Samsung devices that are used for businesses and are bought through dedicated channels for Office apps. Videoconferencing, calendar and emails are some of the Microsoft app for Samsung.

As far as the KNOX Business Pack is concerned, it offers the consumers to jump between business and personal options pretty easily on the devices. And yes, there is also total security. So, there is the option of switching between personal and business along with safety.

Samsung needs a partnership with a company like Microsoft as it battles with Apple on the legal fronts regarding copyright infringements. Though Apple had succeeded in banning some products from Samsung in the United States, they could not apply a permanent ban.

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