Microsoft Band 2 Update now has Heart-Rate Tracking Zones

A new Microsoft Band 2 update now comes with the feature to track heart rate zones. The Health app has also been updated giving users more option than before.

Microsoft Band 2 Update

The Band 2 wearable and the Health app from the tech giant Microsoft has got an update. With this, the Microsoft Band 2 update takes the firmware to v2.0.4737.0, while the app version goes to 2.3.20602. You will find two new features in the Microsoft Band 2 update, accompanied by the hear-rate tracking zones.

In Microsoft’ own words about the new feature of Heart Rate Zones, it says: “Track your heart rate zones on Band: Improve your workout health with notifications for heart rate zones. When you’re at 80% maximum heart rate, the heart rate on Band turns orange. At 90%, it turns red.”


The new Microsoft Band 2 update comes with Cortana support to the Health’s Android client aside from fixing a repeat SMS bug.


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