Microsoft Bringing Changes In Office And Its Pricing

Microsoft will soon be bringing in some changes in the popular Office software along with its pricing.

It is slightly more than a year that Microsoft had launched the popular Office software in the subscription version, which was known as Office 365. After spending $100, you were allowed to use the suite on at the most five computers. The software giant had also offered some more incentives on the buy as well.

The additional incentives included OneDrive (known as SkyDrive then) apart from allowing up to 100 minutes of Skype calling (internationally). The response was good for the software as it allowed Microsoft to be sprightlier and there were enhancements that didn’t need to wait for the three year cycle to be completed.

In some of the improvements in the Office suite, there will be features that are targeted to enhance the collaboration as well as the connectivity amongst the users who are sharing documents from within the software.

Microsoft will be using Office Graph as it will allow the users analyzing the information in the email as well as the documents in OneDrive. The analysis will help the users to work more effectively than before. But then how does Microsoft do it?

As Microsoft says, the software can ‘understand’ the context of the content, the messages as well as the insights regarding the activities related to the work. The latest features will be incorporated step-by-step as the software integrates the core aspects from Yammer into their software.

There is still some time for the updates to take place. But, you can get one update, which comes at a lower cost. The Office 365 Personal has all the access to the standard programs that are seen in Office Suite like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Access and OneNote. Users get 20GB of extra OneDrive space as well as 60 minutes of free international Skype calling.

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