Microsoft Brings Office For iPad But Costs For Typing

Microsoft has finally brought the Office for iPad, but it will cost to type and edit. With this, Microsoft will be exploring more horizons and bringing itself closer to the real world alongside Apple’s device. This has been the first major announcement from since he became the company’s head.

Office for iPad

The announcement was in the wings for quite sometime. With this, the Apple users will also get to use the Microsoft software on iOS as it was already previously available on Android.

The Cost

The three pillars of Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be downloaded for free where you can view documents. However, customers will need to pay for Office 365 subscription for editing purposes. The cost for single users will be £79.99 a year or £7.99 a month. There will be discounts for businesses who want to buy several licenses.

Microsoft – a Latecomer

It has been almost four years since Apple came up with its first version of iPad. And it must be admitted that since then Microsoft has never brought their flagship product to go with Apple gadgets. The company has virtually tagged the Office suite for the Windows-based tablets. This was seen as a way to protect the OS that Microsoft has seen as its magnum opus.

Office for iPad
Image: Microsoft

The Windows operating system has always been the most well-guarded software programs of the company so far. It has been a virtual treasure trove for the company. But in protecting their interests for Windows, they have certainly been at the receiving end, at least at those places where there is Windows dominance.

Coming Out of the Groove

The opening of Office for iPad means Microsoft is ready to come out of its conservative thinking and move forward with newer ideas. This means a lot to the customers. They now have the freedom of selecting any hardware unit and won’t have to depend on Windows OS. This will only benefit Microsoft as more users will be able to use the software program even with Apple gadget.

There’s more to the users than only this. They will be able to share data between their homes and offices and the iPad users will be open to a bunch of apps as well. With this, Microsoft has given itself another chance to battle in the world of computing in the future.

Former Employee Speaks

According to Joel Spolsky, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer took toll of Office when it came to promoting Windows and compromised on Internet Explorer’s editing abilities for the sake of Office. It was Joel Spolsky, who was responsible for designing the macro language that is seen in Excel. However, he left Microsoft in 1990s.

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