Microsoft develops Kinect Sign Language Translator with Chinese researchers

Microsoft, in association with Chinese researchers has developed Kinect Sign Language Translator. Microsoft Research Asia and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Union University, are collectively working on the project. It is a novel and cost effective translator that can convert a sign into written and spoken language and vice-versa.Kinect-sign-language-translator-635

The translator makes use of a Kinect camera and a computer that has the ability to recognize the gestures of signing that can then write and speak all in real-time. On the other hand, the system can ‘understand’ the spoken words and then translates them in understandable signs that are pretty much accurate.

The translator takes the individual’s spoken words into account by an on-screen avatar. The camera that had been primarily developed for the purpose of gaming can read the positions and the movements of the human body. All this is done with a computer and then the same is turned in commands.

The technology has sufficient potential by which it can understand the intricate gestures that are used in sign languages that then go on to help in writing or speaking those words.

Professor Xilin Chen, who is the deputy director of the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been devoting the bulk of the time for studying the sign language. As a matter of fact, Chen was doing the same for the past decade and hoped to find a gadget that could facilitate sign language between people.

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