Microsoft Dynamics 365 Available in India from November 1

Enable your organization to grow, evolve and transform with this new AI containing tools software, Microsoft Dynamics 365. Opening in India from November 1.

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is all set to roll out this November. Microsoft has always offered software that has made every person’s life and an organizational work easier. This time, Microsoft has a great software to offer the SMB’s. It is enhanced with intelligent potentials and is releasing in India on November 1.

Language has never been an issue for working with a service offered by Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be available in 40 languages. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be open to customers in two editions, Enterprise and Business.

According to the Microsoft team, “Businesses get one holistic subscription to have all the information at their fingertips, and they could save four to five times the cost of traditional CRM providers.”

The new product focuses on both Business and Enterprise Editions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has features of Artificial intelligence in a single source code collection. The product functions with Microsoft Azure cloud. Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform. Dynamics 365 has many essential business applications for both front and back offices.

Many of our readers would be familiar with the ERP and CRP abbreviations of cloud computing. ERP is the Enterprise resource planning. It is basically used to manage the business. Talking about CRM, it is the Customer relationship management. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines both CRM and ERP products.

Talking about some important Microsoft Dynamics 365’s intelligent features: Sentiment and Intent analysis is the capability of an intelligent agent to detect the sentiments of a statement. It means whether a sentence is positive, negative or neutral. It is basically opinion mining, knowing the actual attitude of the speaker. Preemptive service and relationship insights is another feature of the software. This feature deals with the interpretation of trends. Trends in the human behavior, which basically aims to increase the effectiveness of a product.

Lead and opportunity scoring is a method for B2B industry. This feature is used by sales and marketing departments to acknowledge the worthiness of leads. Product recommendations and up-sell/cross-sell, where Upselling is a strategy to sell a more expensive version of a product that the customer already has. Cross-selling is when you recommend the customer to purchase a product that compliments the already purchased product.

Microsoft has concentrated artificial intelligence tools and features into a single product, Microsoft Dynamics 365 being its latest demonstration. Share us your comments and views on Microsoft Dynamics 365 on our comment’s section.


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