Three Microsoft investors want Bill Gates to go

There are reports doing the rounds that some Microsoft investors want chairman Bill Gates to step down. Pressure is mounting on the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, to leave. It is understood that investors are lobbying the board to make Mr. Gates step down.

Bill Gates
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However, it is unknown who the investors are. But it is reported that the investors who are in favor of seeing Gates go, are the top three investors out of the 20. Gill Gates had co-founded Microsoft nearly four decades ago.

However, it is not that the co-founder himself is facing heat. Some days ago, there were reports of the company’s CEO Steve Ballmer stepping down as well. He will be resigning in the next year. There was also pressure on Mr. Ballmer to improve the performance of Microsoft as well as the share price.

There is no doubt that Bill Gates remains one of the most respected personalities in the world of technology. That apart, this is the first time, that major investors are seeking Bill Gate’s head. However, there hasn’t been any official word from any Microsoft representative so far.

In fact, they have rejected to comment on any of these rumors that are running all over.

But as far as the Board is concerned, it is unlikely that the craving of these investors would be taken note of. The threesome holds in excess of 5 per cent of the shares in the company. The identity of these three investors will remain anonymous.

As for Bill Gates, he owns nearly 4.5 per cent of the company’s $277bn and happens to be the largest individual shareholder. The primary concern of these three investors is that Bill Gates spends a bulk of his time on the philanthropic foundation and dictates terms out of proportion when he is declining on shareholding.

The other concerns are that Bill Gates, if present in the company would not welcome the newer strategies and also limit the powers of the new CEO. There is a special committee that is scouring for an able replacement for Steve Ballmer.

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