Microsoft Job Cuts: Company to Cut 18000 Jobs

The Microsoft job cuts are doing the rounds in the world of software technology and mobiles. The company has said that they will be cutting down on nearly 18000 jobs by the next year. This amounts to nearly 14% of the full workforce.

Microsoft Job Cuts Announcement

The announcement of the job cut has come yesterday – Thursday. The aim for cutting the jobs in such a big number is said to be for making the company more vibrant. Though the Microsoft job cuts are the talk of the town, it hasn’t come as a surprise as well. In fact, it was very much on the cards.

Satya Nadella speaks…

Last week, the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella had written a huge memo consisting of more than 3000 words. The hint of the Microsoft job cuts were pronounced then and there. The new leader of the software company wants to change the look and the identity of the company.

That is the reason why he wants to make Microsoft a producer of productivity tools in the field of mobile computing and cloud.

In the memo the CEO wrote:

“We will increase the fluidity of information and ideas by taking actions to flatten the organization and develop leaner business processes.”

Satya Nadella, Microsoft job cuts

Appreciation from the Wall Street

If on one hand Microsoft job cuts will leave some people jobless and unhappy, the move has been welcomed by the Wall Street. The stocks also had a positive effect as the prices went up to $45.71 and closed to $44.53.

The staff of Microsoft has kind of been a blot as it has found it manageable to compete in the mobile industry. As far as the mobile market is concerned, Microsoft isn’t much of a name.

The Microsoft job cuts looks to exactly work on this work culture and be known as more than just a software giant. It is understood that the biggest cuts of about 12,500 will be from Nokia, the company that Microsoft acquired to make Nokia phones that run on Android OS.

Microsoft will instead make handsets that will run on the Windows Phone software.

Nadella is planning to put only a few coatings of management so that decision making can gain speed. This way, Microsoft job cuts can certainly sound a positive note.

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