Microsoft to offer free updates for Windows 8.1

Microsoft to offer free updates for Windows 8.1 over their latest operating system – the Windows 8. The update, Windows 8.1 will be brought out later in this year. The update was announced last week. However, Microsoft hadn’t spoken anything about the update being free. It is the latest announcement from Microsoft.

The free update for Windows 8, the Windows 8.1, goes with the practice of the company of not charging anything extra for the updates that are in decimal points, i.e. Windows 8.1. As last week, Microsoft hadn’t disclosed if the update will be free, they also hadn’t publicized the official name for the system.

That made way for rumors to go rife that the update could be a larger one, maybe even Windows 9. Until then the code name, Blue, was used to identify the update. When the Windows 8 was released, it did not appeal to the users as it had some hiccups as well.

There were problems galore, especially while operating the desktop platform. It is expected that the company will address all the issues in the update. Microsoft will first be made available the update of the trial version. The exact date of the launch is still not known.

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