Microsoft Offering Free Windows OS on Tablets And Phones

After introducing the Office for Apple devices, Microsoft is now offering for free the Windows OS on tablets and phones.

Free Windows OS

In a bid to remain in the market with their crown of software – the Windows OS, Microsoft will be making available their Windows OS to the developers of Smartphones as well as small tablets.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is looking to tap the success of the Smartphone market as it is ever increasing and getting popular day-by-day. Another idea of offering the free Windows OS could be to tackle the unprecedented success of the Android platform.


Microsoft came up with the announcement during the annual developers conference held in San Francisco. There is hardly any doubt that Microsoft is making all the efforts to make its presence with mobile users. And that’s why they are offering the Windows OS for free. The hope behind this is that the users will be tempted to use Office and Skype – the two services with which Microsoft hopes to make some money.


Microsoft used to charge from $5 to $15 per device for tablet and phone makers for using Windows OS. The operating system will stay free for the companies that make phones and tablets for the devices that have screen sizes less than 9 inches. However, there will be a license fee for businesses.Microsoft Logo

Office for iPad

The introduction of Office for iPad and offering free Windows OS on tablets and phones are aimed at gaining a bigger market share. Microsoft has left behind its conventional Windows-first approach. And according to Satya Nadella, it must be admitted that Microsoft carries the tag of an underdog.

Cortana vs. Siri

Microsoft has announced that it will be developing Cortana – a voice phone assistant function. This is said to be in direct competition with Siri, the same sort of feature from the house of Apple. There have been rumors about the feature for quite a few weeks now.

The beta version was displayed by Joe Belfiore, who is a Windows Phone executive. With Cortana you can instruct the web verbally, make calls or set alarms.

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