Microsoft offering Samsung $1 billion for Windows Phone devices

It is understood that the US-based computer giant Microsoft has offered Samsung an amount of $1 billion for making Windows Phone devices. Microsoft is planning to include Samsung as its handset manufacturing partner. There is a latest rumor that talks of Redmond offering Samsung an incentive of $1 billion.

The incentive is said to have been offered for continuing to work on Windows Phone devices. EldarMurtazinfrom Mobile Review has claimed that Microsoft is currently in talks with Samsung for manufacturing the products. The claim also includes that Microsoft is offering the above-mentioned amount to Samsung in return as an intensive.

However, there is no word either from Samsung or Microsoft on these rumored developments. It must be mentioned that Samsung was valued at a total of $220 billion earlier in 2013 and they are being offered an amount of $1 billion.

Microsoft is finding it hard to keep pace with other competitors like Google’s Android or Apple’s mobile platforms. At present there is only Nokia who is with Microsoft backing them up and supporting their struggle. Recently Microsoft had acquired the mobile devices and the services division of Nokia.  That is why Microsoft may encourage other OEM partners for Windows Phone ecosystem.

Microsoft is making an attempt for promoting their tab and mobile ecosystem. To do that, they also offer free version of Windows RT as well as Windows Phone for the gadget manufactures.

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