Microsoft Office Is Now on iPhone

Microsoft Office Is Now on iPhone. The MS Office, as it is popularly known, has been used worldwide for years and years now. It was only a matter of time before it came in the iPhone.

With the Office package now available on the iPhone, it will be easier than before to read and edit text documents.

Apart from that MS Office also comes with Excel and PowerPoint. So, it will easier to work on spreadsheets as well as on presentations on the move.

However, there is an announcement that may leave some enthusiasts dejected. Microsoft hasn’t brought out an iPad version as yet. Also, the software won’t be available on Android gadgets as well.

There’s a very fine balancing act by Microsoft. The company is trying to make it compelling to have a subscription of $100 per year and still offer the advantages that tabs with MS Windows OS these days have – they can easily operate MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint.

Office Mobile for iPhone is accessible free of cost via the Apple app store. However, to use it, one needs to have an Office 365 subscription. If you are subscribed to it, you can use the software on a yearly basis, on as many as five devices that run Mac or Windows.

If the software is to be used for, say a couple of computers, the subscription would be costlier than even buying the entire package. However, the iPhone version will not be sold individually who refuse to go along with the subscription.

Microsoft has certainly been making efforts to make their customers pay for the software that has mostly been sold as an individual package. However, the company feels that there are the advantages of running the package on several computers as well as getting free updates from time to time.

The standard version of Office can work on Windows 8 tabs and a bulk of the features are also present on the version that is designed for tabs that run a lighter version of Windows – the RT.

What’s included in the iPhone app?

The normally found three programs – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are included in the app. Apart from that, it can sync with the online storage service from Microsoft – the Microsoft SkyDrive.

According to the company, people can get back to a certain document from another computer on the same account from where they finished. If comments are added to a document or spreadsheet, they can be accessed when the file is opened from a different computer.

Microsoft has already made it clear that there won’t be the same features that are normally seen on standard computers. After all, it’s all for simple editing and not meant to be used for heavy graphical work or intricate calculations.

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