Microsoft Records Five Million Xbox One Sales

After launching the latest Xbox One gaming console in November last year, Microsoft has sold five million units since then. The reports come from the company.

The makers of the Xbox One had reported earlier in the month of January this year that the sales had crossed the three million mark until the end of the last year.

The console was released on November 22. And it was on the very first day that Microsoft recorded one million Xbox One sales. The console released in 13 countries that included the UK, the US and Australia. The Xbox One was released one week before the PlayStation 4 was released.

The PlayStation 4 is also a gaming console, much like the Xbox One and belongs to the rival Sony Corp. Sony had also sold one million PS4 units on the day it was launched.Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft gave a strong competition to Sony when they offered $450 bundle that had the console accompanied by the popular game ‘Titanfall’.

As far as Sony is concerned, they had greater success with the PS4. Until April, the company had sold around 7 million units of PS4, which was easily more than double the units sold for PlayStation 3 in the same period. If the figures are to be believed, PS4 had found instant success. As a matter of fact, Sony is not able to keep the pace with the demand for PS4.

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The PlayStation 3 was released in November 2006. And until March 2007, the company sold 3.5 million PS3 units.

The demand for PlayStation 4 comes from all over the world and that is why the struggle for Sony is understandable. However, they are trying to keep the commitment of catering to their customers in the best possible way.

Even the PS4 was launched in November, like PS3 and was priced at $399. Until last Sunday, the total worldwide sales were 20.5 million that included retail as well as digital units.

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