Microsoft Smartwatch to Have Fitness Features

In the race to keep itself in the industry with changing products and services the markets will soon see Microsoft Smartwatch. Though there already are Smartwatches in the market from other competitors like Apple, Microsoft is planning to have fitness features to give their product an edge.

Microsoft Smartwatch

It is understood that the software giant will introduce their gadget in the near future. The exact Microsoft Smartwatch release date isn’t known yet. However, some close sources that have reported about Microsoft Smartwatch news the launch may take place during the holidays itself.

Microsoft Smartwatch Features

However, there are some features that have been made public to give an idea of what is in store for the potential users who can turn buyers for the device. The main feature that is being boasted of is the fitness tracking. The device can track the heart rate of the user passively. It is also reported by Forbes that the device can work on multiple platforms.

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Microsoft Smartwatch Release Date

As states above, Microsoft hasn’t mentioned any specific date to keep the curiosity alive. However, the cat may be out of the bag in the form of Verge reporting that the launch of the Microsoft device is just about ‘imminent’.


Microsoft Smartwatch Battery

There is some information available about the battery of the Microsoft device. It is understood that the battery will give super backup of more than two days of what the standard usage is. However, the source of the info remains anonymous.

So, it is possible that the information may be taken with a pinch of salt. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the Microsoft device will give sleepless nights to its competitors. We will soon have some concrete information about it and we will let you know.

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The Microsoft gadget will be necessarily a wearable device, but will have features that will help people stay fit with the help of the data. So, the potential customers are the target of the Microsoft gadget.

As mentioned above, the gadget can keep a track of heart rate. Apart from that the gadget can track how many calories are burnt, how many steps have been taken, etc.

Other Products

Among other companies that had brought Smartwatches are Apple, Motorola’s Moto G, Moto X and Moto 360, Samsung  Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and LG. As far as Google is concerned, they had brought out Android Wear – the exclusive OS for Smartwatches apart from Google Gem.

Apple had made their Smartwatch public on September 9. It is a combination of communication and fitness tracking. The device will be on sales from the next year. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch had been unveiled last September. Samsung was going to use their own operating system – the Tizen for their Smartwatches.

Forbes has rightly pointed out that the Microsoft Smartwatch will have to work with other devices in the market and not against them. The reason is pretty simple. The Windows Phone has a global market of only 2.5%.

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  1. Nice one Bangal, we all saw it coming. Today, we now really cool smartwatches. The Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple watch series 4 are some of the best right now with really cool fitness tracking features.


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