Microsoft Software to Switch Android Phone to Windows 10

How about converting your Android phone to Windows 10? And how would it feel if there’s a software to make this conversion? It entirely changes an OS, isn’t it? Certainly something like a science fiction or thereabout. But hang on. It’s not like that.

Android phone to Windows 10

It is understood that software giant Microsoft is currently working in a partnership with Xiaomi – the Chinese handset manufacturer. The partnership will be for offering a test version of their latest OS version, Windows 10.

The Windows 10 OS will be released this summer. Microsoft had written about the same on their blog.

Microsoft will be selecting some Xiaomi Mi4 users to flash their phones. It will ‘flash’ the users’ Smartphones with Windows 10 operating system. This Android phone to Windows 10 conversion can help to make some constructive contribution when the newer versions or updates of the OS are released.

Feedback with Windows 10

The Xiaomi Mi4 users will be able to send precious feedback. This will assist the OS makers in improving their future versions of the software. No wonder, Android phone to Windows 10 will be a key thing for Microsoft in the days to come.


However, as far as Xiaomi is concerned, it says that these developments shouldn’t be looked at as a partnership, but just an initiative.

Mark the word ‘flash’ above. It signifies that Microsoft will be offering ROM that resembles CyanogenMod ROMs. This can help users to install the OS on Android phones.

Microsoft will make available the Windows 10 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4 users. This is where the ‘trick’ is. This can alter an Android phone to Windows 10. Moreover, there will be access to all the services that Microsoft offers. There was a report regarding the same in TechCrunch.

More about Android phone to Windows 10

Speaking about this feature, it is not only about the Xiaomi devices. Actually, Microsoft will be making the feature available on some other devices as well. However, it was not known as to which devices this feature would adore. So, we will have to wait for the next announcement from Microsoft.

So, what does this move mean?

In short, with Android phone to Windows 10 conversion, it would be easy for users to make the change and that too without having buy a new phone (for using a new OS). Microsoft, in their blog, has said that China will be a perfect market to test the new program, especially for the reason that there is empathy towards traditional ROMs.

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