Microsoft To Stop Supporting Windows XP From April

Microsoft will stop the support to their Operating System (OS), Windows XP from the month of April, April 8 to be specific. But there are still millions of people using the Windows XP, the OS from Microsoft that is 12 years old now. According to the experts, there are doubts that the unpatched Windows XP will cause havoc, but do agree on the fact that the many XP holdouts do face noteworthy peril.

But there are still many people who are still using the Windows XP and do not plan to part with it yet, even when the fears may come true. As Microsoft won’t be supporting the operating system from April 8, it can be made an easy target of cyber attacks.

So, are you prepared to work your way from Windows XP for the better? Well, you might be; but not all, due to reasons best known to them. Are you forwarding one of these reasons (excuses)?

Not using internet with Windows XP

So, this could be one reason why you can remain stuck up with Windows XP. Not using the internet literally makes your computer a standalone machine as there is no risk of getting a virus attack or a cyber attack. The possibility of having any sort of attack is negligible. As a matter of fact, many XP systems currently in the corporate world also have other tasks assigned, like using only single software on a safe network.

The Windows XP is still a great OS

That might be one strong reason for many people into believing that the Windows XP is still a great OS and one can make do with it. For a routine set of tasks, like using the browser, accessing mail and a handful of desktop apps where XP serves the needs, users are really reluctant to let the XP go. All this may look fine, but once Microsoft stops support, the same OS may not look safe, indeed.

Windows XP
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However, there are examples in a heap where it takes almost 10 minutes to boot the XP. But that might become an issue when it comes to productivity. Such type of booting time could go fine for those people who aren’t in a hurry to carry out their tasks.

Upgrading may look expensive

If it comes to upgrading from Windows XP to another modern Windows OS, that won’t be easy on everyone’s pockets. Tight budgets forbid users from upgrading, be it consumers or businesses. Upgrading does not come only at the cost of what OS you have been using until now, literally. You have to pay for the licenses. But many modern versions of the operating systems may not run on older sets of hardware.

So, expenses increase on the hardware front too. Tablets and phablets these days have widespread use and given that, people cancel or postpone upgrading. Another thing is that many XP systems may not support the newer versions of the Windows OS.

So, take your decision if you want to continue using Windows XP, if you are using now. Or upgrade for the better!

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