The Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview can now be downloaded

Microsoft has made the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview available for download. The US-based software giant, during the Build developers conference, had said that the company had made the preview version available for the public to download.

‘Preview’ suggests that it may be in the final stages of the beta and there could be bugs that need to be sorted out. That is why Microsoft advises that you should proceed with the installation only if troubleshooting your personal computer is one thing you can carry out easily.Windows-8.1-start

Microsoft has also sort of warned that users could run the risk of losing the functionality of a program or stumble upon errors in case something goes wrong. The prime reason is that the software is still under development. That’s not all, the finalized version of Windows 8.1 might have more features than what is now.

For downloading the new OS, you will have to navigate to the Windows 8.1 Preview page. One thing needs to be mentioned here that it won’t be possible to ‘uninstall’ Windows 8.1 Preview. In case you need to revert to Windows 8, you will have to go through a fresh installation.

When you finish the download, the computer will ask you to restart the computer. There will be an option for downloading the Windows 8.1 update via Windows Store. Just follow the instructions on your screen.

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