Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update: Improved New Features

Microsoft may reveal the Microsoft Windows 8.1 update at the Build conference. The software giant is taking the complaints of the consumers seriously as they will be bringing the updates of the Windows 8 OS regularly.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update

It has been just a few weeks since the release of the Windows 8.1 version. Let us see what’s new in the Windows 8.1 update.

Enhanced Support for Keyboard and Mouse

The touch screen tablets have got a suitable operating system in the form of Windows 8. However, the updates have brought more value to the OS, especially with keyboard and mouse.

With the new update, there are Windows Store apps that come with title bars including the minimize button. This drives the apps in the background. There is also a close button for switching the app off.

The Start Menu also includes a Setting tile for the PC. This avoids the trouble of hovering to the right and wait for Charms menu to open.

Taskbar in Modern UI

There is certainly good news for the users as Microsoft is roping in the taskbar with the Live Tiles UI. This will facilitate the shifting between Modern UI and apps on desktop. This can be done with a solitary click. That’s not all. Users can also pin the apps to the taskbar apart from being able to close or minimize it with the conventional icons that are to the right hand top windows 8.1 update

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There is the auto-hide feature to the taskbar in the classic Windows style. It is still accessible from the Live Tile UI along with Modern apps.

Internet Explorer 11

The Internet Explorer 11 has got an update as there are fixes for the compatibility problems. The IE 11 is available for two versions of Windows – the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It will also be available for the Windows Phone 8.1 when it is ready for the roll out.

For the enterprise users, the explorer can on its own switch legacy mode to the modern so that all the sites can be viewed in the appropriate environment.

And yes, it must also be mentioned that there are some Cortana features in IE11 as well. Some of the newest alerts will show up in the browser when opened for the first time ever.

Overhauled Start Screen

And finally, what the users will be first when the computer is switched on. Your machine can directly boot to desktop screen. This means, it does not enter the Modern UI Start Screen. But as far as tablets are concerned, they will boot to the Titled UI.

And what the users love the most – the Start Menu screen will be there with a comeback with the update. This will bring a lot of respite to those users who are used to the traditional Start Menu screen.

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