Almost two million internet accounts compromised

Nearly two million internet accounts have been hacked that were supposed to be from Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook. These developments have been reported by a cybersecurity firm, Trustwave, located in Chicago. The firm aids in protecting the data, reducing security risks and fighting computer crime.

Out of these two million hackings, around 1.6 million accounts were the login credentials and around 320,000 were e-mail credentials.

Here is a reported breakup of the hacking. Around 381,121 passwords originated from Facebook – the most of all. 59,549 accounts were supposedly compromised from Yahoo! followed by Google by 54,437 accounts. 21,708 Twitter accounts were hacked, while the least came from LinkedIn with just 8.490 accounts.

According to the firm, 7,978 accounts originated from ADP, which is the payroll service provider. It is understood that the hacking process may have began on October 21 and might not have stopped even now.

John Miller is a security research manager with Trustwave. He told CNN that they did not have any evidence that the hackers ever logged into the accounts. But the possibly cannot be denied.

Twitter, LinkedIn, ADP and Facebook have asked their users to change their passwords. As far as Google and Yahoo are concerned, the former didn’t comment, while the later decided not to replay right away.

The most affected parts of the world due to the hacking were Netherlands, Thailand followed by Germany, Singapore and Indonesia and finally the United States. In all more than 100 countries were affected in more or less proportion.

After the data was analyzed, it was found that some very simple passwords like 123456, 12345, 1234, password and 123456789 were found. Such passwords are too easy to guess and security experts advise against the use of them.

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