MIUI 10: These Xiaomi Devices Won’t Get the Next Major MIUI Update

In the better interest of the users, Xiaomi is stopping the development of the current MIUI 9. And we will soon see the MIUI 10.



MIUI 10 is in the wings. Yes, you might be reading this term for the first time. But Xiaomi is all set to bring the next major update to Xiaomi users very soon. So, what does this mean for the MIUI 9 version? The answer is Xiaomi is suspending the development.

It was in July 2017 that Xiaomi had brought out the MIUI 9. And after that, Xiaomi brought out a few minor versions. And we had discussed how to select a new ringtone in MIUI Global 9.5 Stable version. However, now there will be no updates for the MIUI 9.

Devices Affected

The arrival of MIUI 10, however, brings bad news to a  few users. So, which are users that will get affected by this? The straight answer is those users who are still on Android 5.x.devices. Now, this means, the Redmi Note 2, the Redmi 3, the Redmi Note 3 MTK, as well as the Mi Pad 2, are the devices that will be affected.

This means the above-mentioned devices will no longer remain compatible to get the MIUI 10. The latest update for them was the MIUI 8.14.26.

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It was in January this year when Xiaomi had made an announcement regarding the MIUI 10th version. And this time around, the newest MIUI major version will bring out machine learning as well as a close focus on artificial intelligence. However, there aren’t any more details available regarding what there will be in this new MIUI. Naturally, Xiaomi would like to keep the details of the new MIUI version a secret at least for the initial few days.

Nevertheless, we will keep you updated about the developments regarding the MIUI 10. In between, don’t forget to post your comments below.

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