Mobile Radiation Isn’t Harmful: Doctors

Mobile radiation isn’t at all harmful to humans and living beings, say doctors. The radiation does not affect the health of people, which is caused by mobile phones and towers. Health experts have come to this conclusion after a research and study.

A few thoughts on mobile radiation

An awareness campaign was run by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). And speaking about the harmlessness of mobile radiation was a part of the story. The experts have given the assurance that effects on the health of a person don’t have anything to do with mobile radiation.

To stress this point, a series of videos would be uploaded on YouTube shortly. Dr Bhavin Jankharia, who is the president of Indian Radiology and Imaging Association, has said that the mobile radiation doesn’t generate any sort of dangerous or hazardous elements to human beings.

mobile radiation

The radiologist also added that the issue had to be brought up when people started crying foul and related the cancer incidents due to that of mobile radiation. However, there is nothing of this kind, the doctor added.

However, this is not the first time that any such concern has come forward. In fact, in the past, many NGOs as well as environmental groups have raised their voice over the adverse effects of mobile towers and mobile radiation caused due to that on human as well as animal health.

No wonder, there was opposition to allow the mobile towers to be set up, especially on big buildings that stood in the residential areas. There are a lot of mobile towers in cities spread all over where residents run the risk of ‘mobile radiation’.

Bollywood isn’t too far from fighting the mobile radiation problem. A well-known Bollywood actress has come forward to join the voice of the protests. In fact, she has even started a ‘reduce EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation’ drive as well.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with an advisory regarding the mobile radiation issue. In September last year, WHO said that the studies and the results that were available so far (with them), didn’t in any condition prove that mobile radiation was a cause for diseases like cancer.

However, there have been reports by scientists about on health issues regarding the use of mobile phones and changes in the activities of the brain. But, the effects are too minor and do not have any significance on the health. So, mobile radiation is pretty ignorant issue, so to say.

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