Mourn the death of loved ones with Facebook Sanctri app

The world of apps is amazing, especially when you know that the Facebook Sanctri app allows you to mourn the death of a loved one in the virtual world.

It is a new app for the mega social networking site where the users can create memorial pages in memory of the people who have left them for good. The creator of the app is Jono Milner. Jono go the hint of creating the app when his friend passed away recently.

Jono wished that he could express the loss of his beloved friend, but not directly on the Facebook page. A Facebook page isn’t a pretty private space and mourning the death there would not have been comfortable.

ABC news says that Jono Milner created this app called Sanctri so that it can offer a private and separate space from almost the entire Facebook and express their grief.

As an admin of a page, you can control who can modify the page and who can view it. The admin can also authenticate a certain group to contribute to the page. The creator of the app also added that the page can be a hotspot for the people to pay their tributes to the deceased person who were unable to attend the last rites.

The report also added that the Facebook account of a person can be converted into a memorable page by submitting a memorialization request. However, things need to be sorted out as in a certain case the owner of such a page was alive and kicking, which proved to be a slip-up later on.

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