Mozilla Firefox 37 Update with Security Features

The Mozilla Firefox 37 has been launched with some new features as well as improvements. Mozilla launched the latest edition of the browser, which is known as the Mozilla Firefox 37. The new version is available on both desktop as well as Android edition.

Mozilla Firefox 37

There are quite a few enhancements in the new edition of the browser. The browser is compatible with OS X, Linux and of course, on Windows. The improvements in the new version of the browser are aimed at making the Mozilla Firefox 37 more user-friendly.

Improvements in the New Browser Version

There are some tweaks done in the URL bar- also known as the address bar. The new version is also aimed at improving the download abilities. Apart from this, there are also new locales added.

You can view the release notes regarding the tweaks here for mobile and for desktop.

Default Search Engine

In the new Mozilla Firefox 37 browser, the default search engine for the desktop platform is set to Yandex. However, this will be for the Turkish locale. As for the Bing search, users will see the use of HTTPS, which has been brought in place for secure search.


Thought has also been given to handling fraudulent web sites. For this, OneCRL centralized certificate is in place. So, there are lesser chances of fraud and fake sites on the Mozilla Firefox 37 browser.

Feedback for Mozilla Browser

The makers of the 37th edition of the browser have come up with a new feedback system for the browser. The new rating system for feedback is ‘Heartbeat’. You can access the rating system at this address:

More Changes

The latest version of the browser has implemented a few changes like fixing SSL errors, the TLS version as well as the TLS False Start Optimization. The new version also ushers with it the WebGL rendering for the Windows OS. To view more details regarding the same, please click here. Aside from this, a whole lot of changes can also be seen in HTML side.

New Locales Introduced

The Mozilla Firefox 37 has come up with six new locales. They are Burmese [my], Albanian [sq], Songhai [son], Lower Sorbian [dsb], Upper Sorbian [hsb] and finally the Uzbek [uz].

About Android Version

As far as the Mozilla Firefox 37 for Android is concerned, there will be now the page address by default instead of the page title. Also in place of the new tab, the home screen shortcut will open the existing tab in the mobile browser.

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