Enjoy Music with Free Three Month Trial from Apple

Since the launch of Apple Music in 2015, people in the United States and over 100 countries are enjoying Free three month trial from Apple. But there are some countries offering trial of just one month.

Free three month trial from Apple

Free three month trial from Apple
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What is three month free trial policy?

Apple has always been famous for its apps and security measures. Since the launch of Apple Music, the company has made an effort for the people to enjoy Apple Music app with Free three Month trial from Apple. The app is free in the United States and over 100 other countries for three months.

Which countries are offering less trial period?

There are some countries giving three-month trial, but some countries are providing less time for trial. Countries like the Netherlands and Ireland are offering the trial for one month only. There are some countries providing trial period with some nominal amount.

Countries Charging Nominal Amount for Trial

The Apple website is showing countries where trial is available with some fees. To enjoy the trial period in Australia 99cents is the fees, whereas in Spain it is 0, 99 € and Switzerland is charging Fr. 0.99. Apart from these, all other countries are offering free trials.

What is the Reason behind this Nominal Fees?

There is no justified reason behind charging the fees for trial in Australia, Spain and Switzerland. Before May 14th, the trial was free in these three countries also. But recently Apple gave a notification for charging the fees on its website.

Spotify Strategy and Fees

Spotify is the recent competitor app of Apple music which is offering three-month trial. Spotify is available in almost every country, but to enjoy uninterrupted service 99 cents is the nominal fee in every country. The company is charging 99 cents in Australia, United States, Canada whereas Spain is taking 0, 99€ and Switzerland is charging Fr. 0.99.

For all the music lovers out there, enjoy Free three month trial from apple and let the company know about the app on the website.


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