Music Streaming Apps Comparison: Spotify vs the Rest

Spotify will be making its Indian debut, but it’s not without a challenge. It has to fight against present music streaming services to be at the top. The music streaming apps comparison will show if Spotify can do this.

Music Streaming Apps Comparison

music streaming apps comparison

Spotify is undisputedly the king of streaming music. At over 159 million users in over 65 countries across the globe, Spotify is the largest and most used music streaming service in the world. At an “Investors Day” event held in New York, Spotify’s CEO announced that Spotify would soon be coming to India. In his own words, “We’re working on launching in some of the biggest markets in the world like India, Russia, and Africa.” Spotify, which used to extend its service only to the US and Europe, has recently started its services in Israel, Romania, South Africa, and Vietnam. Reports claim that Spotify has leased a plush office space in Mumbai and has also roped in Akshat Harbola, a former Google executive to streamline the company’s operations in India. Rumored to go public on April 3, Spotify ’s entry into India is very much anticipated. But Spotify would have to go face on with the already present music streaming services in India like Gaana, Saavn, Wynk Music, Jio Music and of course, Apple Music. Well, what do these aggregators have to offer? And can Spotify stand up against them? Read on as we go for an in-depth music streaming apps comparison.


music streaming apps comparison


Spotify has tons of music for everyone. Let it be any genre, language or date. Do you want a song? Spotify has it. Though Spotify is not yet public in India, most of the trending and hit Indian songs are already on Spotify. Even regional Indian songs can be found on Spotify. Well curated playlists, an artist follow feature, Spotify Connect, and a smooth interface. These features and more make Spotify a magnet for music lovers. But if you are a free user in Spotify, then you have access to playlists and not individual songs. If you select a song when you are a free user, you get directed to a song that is similar to the selected song. This can be avoided by upgrading to Spotify Premium, which costs you $9.99 a month. With Spotify Premium, you have access to every song and playlist, and also have access to better and richer sounding music.

music streaming apps comparison


Gaana is a homegrown music app that India has come to love. Let it be international, Hindi or just regional languages, Gaana has it for you. With well-curated playlists for every occasion and artists spotlights, Gaana covers almost every genre of music. Almost. Though Gaana features international music too, it is not extensive and sometimes you might not even find the trending No.1 Billboard song. But other than that, Gaana does that everything else with ease. With a neat and simple interface, Gaana has both mobile apps and an internet player. Though you can use Gaana without a fee, with an additional payment, you can get Gaana+, which gets you access to better sounding music and can also get rid of ads. Gaana charges Rs.99 for their monthly plans, but you can save some bucks by going ahead and getting the yearly Rs.1020 plan that will cost you only Rs.85 per month.

music streaming apps comparison

Wynk Music

Wynk music, a music initiative by Airtel is also a homegrown music streaming service. Encouraged by Airtel and free for Airtel users, Wynk too specializes in Indian and regional music. Though it does contain a measure of international hits, most of Wynk users are ones who prefer regional music and that’s what Wynk does best. Wynk is especially known for getting the newest music in its app. A new movie is released, chances are that Wynk has it already. Wynk may not have much of playlists, but with the search feature, you can dig up any song you like. Another feature that is most liked by Wynk is the option of downloading music for offline hearing. With a subscription fee of Rs.99 per month, users will be able to use Wynk Plus that features unlimited downloads, higher sound quality and also no ads.

music streaming apps comparison

Jio Music

Jio Music has quite a library, and it can be easy to get lost in its vast collection of music. Jio Music even offers music in lesser known or preferred languages like Bhojpuri, Odiya and even Assamese. And no one can get more regional than that. There are no ads nor subscription fees for using Jio Music. If you are a Jio service user, then you can access the music free of cost. Though Jio Music has such exciting features, the user interface is pretty bland and outdated. Though the app tries to be flashy enough, it continuously fails to do so. Another bummer is the incomplete albums found in Jio Music. Some songs go missing, and you will have to search them individually to trace them again.

music streaming apps comparison


Saavn is the better and faster music streaming services than the others. Launched way back in 2007, it is also the oldest. Saavn offers unlimited streaming, and you still get access to high-quality audio even if you are a free user. Though ads are present, you can live with them as you have access to a huge library full of almost every international song and also a complete catalog of regional ones too. Saavn also has some radio talk shows that often feature A-class actors and directors from Bollywood. When you upgrade to Saavn Pro, you get rid of the ads, and you also get the option of unlimited offline downloads too. Saavn also has few other tricks up its sleeve, like acting as a music player for all your external offline music and also following friends and seeing their music interests too. Though Saavn needs a little work on its app as it occasionally crashes, it is the app you need to go to if you are on a budget but still need quality music.

music streaming apps comparison

Apple Music

The current king of the music scene in India at the present, Apple Music is redefining how a music streaming service should be. A huge catalog of both international and regional music, you can not find a music in Apple Music. It’s all there. But Apple Music is serious when coming to its music. You cannot play around being a free user. You can use the app only if pay. But it’s totally worth it. For Rs. 120 a month, you get access to every single tune out there. But of course, Apple Music comes with its own flaws too. You don’t have a web player. Instead, you have to download iTunes to access your music on a desktop. Sharing music with others is a pain. Users who don’t have Apple Music can’t even have a peek at the shared music, but instead, are redirected to download Apple Music. But for now, Apple Music seems to be Spotify’s perfect competitor.


So what do you think? Will you use Spotify once it’s released in India? And can it stand up against the present music streaming services? And what do you think about this music streaming apps comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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