Must-Have Apps for Women Safety: Women’s Day Special

On this women’s day, we take a look at the must-have apps for women safety. These apps are important enough to ensure the safety of your near ones.

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety

There are few things in this life that we take for granted. And the more surprising thing is that things that we can’t do without are the ones that we often take for granted. Well, times have evolved and slowly we have come to the stage where we have stopped taking our women for granted. And so on this occasion of Women’s Day, here are some of the many apps out there that ensure protection and safety for our women.

 Must-Have Apps for Women Safety: bSafe

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety

One of the most popular women safety apps, bSafe has featured in many prestigious media channels and platforms. bSafe ensures that important information is sent to your friends or relatives in real time. And that is not just your location, but also real-time video and audio. When the alarm is rung on your phone, the audio/video is sent to the guardian’s phone and thus they are alerted. But this is just one of the various features that this app has. Others include

  • Follow me: This feature allows guardians to track your live location, and will also get a message when you reach home safely.
  • Timer Alarm: This alarm can be set to your guardian if you have not checked your phone in a certain amount of time.
  • Fake Call: When you feel that you are in an unpleasant or threatening situation, you could set yourself a fake call and get out of the situation.
  • Security Network: You can also set your own social network of guardians who can track your location and real-time movement. 

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety: VithU

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety

An Indian bred app, VithU is developed by Star India Ltd. exclusively for women safety. This app is very simple. Once activated, when the power button is clicked two times, selected guardians will receive an emergency message every 2 minutes. The message will read “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” The receiver of this message will also receive the location every 2 minutes of the phone.

  • Simple UI: A simple UI that does only one thing and does it best.
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Must-Have Apps for Women Safety: Smart24x7

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety

Smart 24×7 also goes on the principle of alerting guardians with live locations and messages, but with a difference. This app works with the police and is already tied to the police force of major states.

  • Senior citizens: This app can also be used by Senior Citizens when they are in distress too.
  • Panic Alerts: Whenever the panic button is pressed, then a message is sent to users you have selected.
  • Fake Call
  • SOS: With this app, help can also be received from nearest police stations and hospitals too.

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety: MobilePatrol Public Safety

Must-Have Apps for Women Safety

The Mobile Patrol Safety App is an app with a difference. This app delivers news for public safety and protection not just for a country or state, but also for minor or small areas. Many other features are also included in this app such as:

  • Relevant Safety News: Useful news can be accessed for locations selected by you at your fingertips.
  • Report it!: “Report it!”, is an alert that allows you to contribute to the community’s safety like crime tips, traffic alerts, fallen trees and the like.
  • Public Recordings: Public recordings like jail bookings, most wanted sex lists, sex offenders and the like can be conveniently accessed through the many lists that can be accessed through the app.
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Must-Have Apps for Women Safety: Cerberus Personal Safety

Cerberus Personal Safety

Cerberus Personal Safety app is an app that is not exclusively for women. But is one of the more refined and easy to use apps. The app allows users to send real-time location with their loved ones during an emergency or a potentially dangerous situation. The other features that are included in this app are: 

  • Select Safety Circle: With this app, you can manually select whom should be notified when a distress signal is sent, and that can also be added as a widget in the smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Real-time Link: Receivers will also receive a link that can be shared with others to monitor the real-time location of the sender. This is an especially useful tool to share information with others.

Which of these are your favorite apps among these must-have apps for women safety? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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