Next-Gen Natural Language API in Apple’s Next Project

These days, Apple is working on its Natural Language API project. It is considered as something that can stand out as a competitor to the Amazon’s own Echo.

Natural Language API

Apple has recently started work on the Natural Language API project and this is something that can easily stand out as a competitor to the Amazon’s Echo. Apple is said to be a company which believes in making the best possible technological progresses. Whereas the Amazon echo only concentrates on the voice processed commands and answers in return, Apple is thinking of making an addition to the device.

They are planning to put in a camera that may help in recognizing faces and that way it can have a virtual mind of its own. This way it will recognize each and every individual in the home.

This device will probably have its own IQ and can read the voice modulations. It will be able to remember the commands and if the command changes it can identify that if the person wants the circumstances to be the same. The Natural Language API will also be able to quit hearing the other noises, deriving exactly what is being said to it. That way one can be assured that it has got the command right. Apart from all these, the general features like playing music and giving updates on weather are definitely the best possible features one can find in it.


As far as VocalIQ is concerned, it was tested with the current and popular virtual assistants like Cortana, Google Now and Siri. No wonder, VocalIQ came on top.

“VocalIQ can also filter out extraneous noise to figure out exactly what you’re saying, thus making it more accurate than Siri is today. It’s able to take in all the noise in an environment — the TV, kids shouting, whatever — and determine with a high probability which sound is actually the user’s query. It can even learn to adapt to different accents over time to improve accuracy.”


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