Nepal Earthquake Relief Scams Tips to Avoid

Nepal saw the worst quakes in recent times and Nepal earthquake relief scams have started doing the round of the cyber world. You may have wished to donate to the funds to help the people in need there. However, there are some bad souls trying to take disadvantage of the calamity.

Nepal Earthquake Relief Scams

The natural calamity struck on April 25, 2015. It was so gruesome that about 8 million people are said to have been affected by the earthquake. It is estimated that more than 4500 people are feared dead and the number is only likely to increase.

It is but natural for one to extend a helping hand towards the people stuck with no or limited help. But before you donate any bucks, it is vital that you are aware of the Nepal earthquake relief scams that you can easily avoid.

Watch Out for Social & Online Charity Requests

The social media has always proved to be a two-edged sword. If on one hand it is capable of driving and uniting people towards a certain social cause, at the same time, it can cause many potential headaches. And the Nepal earthquake relief scams, is one of them.

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All have admitted the power of the social media. But when it comes to brickbats and online scams, it is again the social media that comes in the picture. So, if you get a request asking you to donate for the Nepal earthquake relief fund, crosscheck the information and the authenticity of the source of that request.

Ignore Notifications or Pop-ups

Pop-up ads are also circulated trying to take advantage of such scams. In such ads, you are requested to donate towards the Nepal earthquake relief fund. In such pop-up ads, there’s a link that will take you to a new web site. Such web sites are more likely to lead you towards a malware.


In such a case, the privacy of your computer can be compromised. There are chances that your sensitive data too can be taken for a ride (along with you). This can include many things related to your financial activities.

So, it is best to not click on such pop-ups or notifications. Mostly, the authentic sources will hardly send such doubtful interface to connect with you for such a social cause.

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What You Must Do

Google has been a reliable source to check things out and Nepal earthquake relief scams is no different. If you are accosted by a request for fund transfer for the relief fund or get an email asking you to for money, check about the source straight on Google.

If there is any information related to the authenticity in the source – or even if there isn’t any – that should show up in the search. Read anything that is related and make sure that you are giving money in safe hands so it will reach the needy.

Ask Friends or In Community

These days there are many communities on the social media as well. You can easily get the genuine information through here. Social networks like Facebook and Google have lots of communities and groups dedicated to a specific niche. Putting a question there can help you with trustworthy links.

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You may even ask friends to gain information that you can trust (you may believe that your friends are passing on the true knowledge that they have). This way you can make sure that you are successful in avoiding the Nepal earthquake relief scams.


Make your contribution by providing more ways to fight online scams. There are many scamsters and fraudsters who take an unfortunate natural calamity like an earthquake to gain quick money. Be assured that you are not getting caught in the Nepal earthquake relief scams. Stay safe!

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