10 New Amazon Echo Features You Might Not Know About

New Amazon Echo features will be covered in this article that will help you to use your smart device to its full potential and increase your productivity.

New Amazon Echo Features

Amazon Echo is a speaker that you can control with your voice and there are various new Amazon Echo features. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, making calls, send and receive different messages, provide all information, news, weather, scores of matches etc. It can hear the voice from across the room because of the far recognition feature as well as the beam forming technology.

A new Amazon Echo Plus has also been released in the market which is better that the first generation Amazon Echo. New Amazon Echo is cheaper than the previous version with better uses and new Amazon Echo features that will surely make your life easier.

There are a variety of features we need to know about the new Amazon Echo. This article will talk about new Amazon Echo features and how is it different from previous versions. So without wasting too much time further, have a look at all the best Amazon Echo features and make your buying decision.

1. Feature of Far field voice recognition

Far-field voice recognition feature is the one that enables the Amazon Echo Plus to hear your questions from any desired point or direction, even while playing music. Whenever you wish to use Echo, simply utter the wake word, “Alexa,” Because of this the Echo Plus lights up and sends audio to the cloud, where the “Alexa Voice Service” is trained to recognize your request and respond to it quickly. This way Amazon Echo Plus can hear you from across the room.

new amazon echo features

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2. Short and Handy

The updated Amazon Echo Plus is shorter and smaller than the original Amazon Echo. Though it is slightly wider than the original, yet it is easier to carry. This helps the Amazon Echo Plus mix into the surroundings more than its previous version.

new amazon echo features

3. Built-in Smart hub

The new Amazon Echo Plus has a hub inside it controls all compatible smart devices such as electric light bulbs, locks of the door, switches, and plugs as well. This setting up of a new smart home is quite easy using Amazon Echo Plus. We only have to say a phrase “Alexa, discover my devices” and Echo Plus will discover and set up compatible smart home devices.

new amazon echo features

4. Echo Plus Audio up gradation feature

The new Echo Plus is graced with vastly improved audio with some fantastic updates that further improves the audio quality. Its awesome audio yields 360 degree omni-directional sound that fills the entire room with joy. We can play music simultaneously across Echo devices with multi-room music. After the upgrade, Echo Plus is a clear highlight.

5. Free Calling feature

The feature that makes Amazon Echo Plus stand out is that one can call or message anyone hands-free with the Echo device. Be it United States, China or all over India, Amazon Echo is capable of making free calls. It more or less offers the similar technology like Google Hangouts voice calling. 

new amazon echo features

6. Portability is a Flaw

The new Amazon Echo Plus is 9.3” in length and 3.3” in width which makes it smaller than the original Amazon Echo but it isn’t yet portable. It has the built-in Zigbee hub as well as the speakers which are essential for its working but make it bulkier as well. Since portability of speakers is a common request, look out for third-party battery packs. The Smart tree add on can be a common choice.

7. Better with Amazon Prime

Get even more from new Amazon Echo Plus with Prime and enjoy ad-free streaming of over 2 million songs with Prime Music. We can also order thousands of products using only our voice and gain access to the weekly prime shopping deals. Prime also ensures better voice and sound quality and here all voice orders include fast, free shipping, and Alexa can even track our delivery for us.

new amazon echo features

8. Smarter than before

Alexa is always getting smarter time to time. The more we command Echo, more easily it recognizes our speech pattern and vocabulary. Echo is always connected, updates are delivered automatically. With each update that occurs, new features are added consistently like calling and sending messages, multi-room music, voice profiles, and reminders, along with various skills from third-party developers.

9. The multi pack deal

The deal of getting three Echo in a pack is better than purchasing a single piece. Considering its multi-room streaming, the three in one pack is an amazing deal and moreover, if you purchase the pack of three Echo, it costs less than purchasing three separate Amazon Echo. This is more or less a phenomenal deal.

10. Advance level skills

Echo Plus uses thousands of skills daily and is still counting by asking about the daily commute, play jeopardy, etc. New skills are being added to it from time to time.

Echo is among the best options available when looking for a smart speaker. More or less it depends on the needs, whether to switch to the higher versions or not. Do share your views and doubts about new Amazon Echo features in the comments below.

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