A Quick Glance at New Android O Features

Downloading heavy files without interruption and errors is made easy with New Android O Features. The company has recently launched new features for Android O, making the device fast, simple and less cumbersome.

New Android O features

New Android O features
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What are the new features in Android O?

Downloading and installing the latest apps, movies and heavy files is a great way to pass time and stay updated. But, due to slow internet connection and limited data, many people faced problems with downloading. But, with New Android O features, feel free to download, pause, restart and do anything without any worry.

More about “Pause Download” feature

Pause Download is the feature available in Google Chrome since Chrome 50 version. Through this feature, one can easily pause the downloading of the file and resume the downloading in a high-speed internet zone without any loss of data. Recently, Android O is enjoying the benefit of this feature on large as well as on small updates.

Few Observations on the Feature

Many people misunderstood that the feature is available only on large updates. But, from the report given by Elliott Hughes, an engineer at Google, it is clearly stated that the feature is available in every update. It is hard to use the feature in small updates as they hardly get interrupted.

New Android O features are available on Play service updates, so start updating and enjoy uninterrupted and easy downloading and installation.


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