7 New Best Productivity Chrome Tab Extensions

We’ll talk about new best productivity Chrome tab extensions that will help you to become more productive while using your Chrome browser. These Google Chrome tab extensions are new and you might not have heard of.

New best Productivity Chrome Tab Extensions

Do you lose your concentration while surfing on the internet? Do you hit Ctrl + T quite frequently? Do you happen to waste a lot of time when you produce an array of a new tab? If you need discipline and focus instead of being unproductive and wasting your whole day, then you need these New best productivity Chrome tab extensions which we have listed below. A right kind of settings can make your new tab page a source of a reminder to be in focus and not loose into the sea of distractions.

Following are some of the new best productivity Chrome tab extensions available for you to use:

1. Start

If you liked iGoogle, a famous all in one dashboard to accumulate emails, weather, notes, news, events, stocks, tasks etc., then you will love Start. It is exactly what iGoogle was but for New Tab. It has changeable widgets so that the layout of the preference can be adjusted according to your needs. You can disable the widgets that are not in use. Start basically just gives a quick overview of all the things as an instance, at the same place without you ever visiting the actual sites.

best new productivity chrome tab extensions

2. Dayboard

It is a very compact to do list which will get your tasks done at the end of the day. You can jot down your works according to your priorities and the extension will concentrate on five of them every day. Since we tend to get overwhelmed by seeing a long list of work, five is an optimum number.  You can also focus on only one task a day by activating the Focus Mode. So whenever you will open your Chrome new tab, you will see what you have to do that day.  It will increase your productivity and the tasks can be synchronised into your other devices too. It also has an option for blocking distracting websites like Facebook, YouTube etc. Watch the video here.

3. Ultidash

It is one of the best productivity extensions you will come across. It gives you a clean and exciting interface. It is very easy to customise your to-do list of tasks. It also provides a built-in timer so you are always on the go. Like Dayboard it also has the feature of website blocking to prevent you from getting distracted and wasting your whole day. It also has a website tracker, in addition, so you can measure how much time of your day you are spending on the internet.

new best productivity chrome tab extensions

4. Speed Dial

It is a third-party extension which replicates the much-loved the Speed Dial functionality of Opera. It is a great to boost productivity by turning off your Bookmarks Bar which is always active. It will minimise the distractions.

new best productivity chrome tab extensions

5. Momentum

It is a smaller version of Ultidash. Its main aim is to keep you calm and focused. It believes different people respond in different ways and momentum is perfect for those who react to minimum inferences. You can have a to do list and the extension will focus only on one. It will also change your wallpapers and motivate you each day.

new best productivity chrome tab extensions

6. Leoh 

It is very much like Momentum – to do list and a daily goal to focus. It has an inspirational, motivating and very clean interface. It has its built-in notes and collection of beautiful pictures which are customizable. The differentiating factor from Momentum is that it has Google Calendar integration. Google Calendar will help you organise your day and saves you the need for a different tab or separate calendar app.

new best productivity chrome tab extensions

7. Papier

It converts your new tab into a notepad where you can jot down whatever you want. You just have to use it by swiping file. You can use it as a source to put reminders or a mean to free your mind from distracting thoughts.

new best productivity chrome tab extensions

If you don’t use Chrome, then don’t worry, you can still use these extensions. Some browsers like Firefox or Opera lets you download Chrome extensions. So go on and give it a try to all of these new best productivity Chrome tab extensions.

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