New Bing Chatbots for Restaurant Inquiries is Now Here

Microsoft’s New Bing Chatbots powered by Skype can now be used by people to find local restaurants or make inquiries about different eating places.

New Bing Chatbots

new bing chatbots
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Recently, a reader tipped website ‘Search Engine Land’ came up with an article saying that new Bing Chatbots have been devised to assist users who are on a hunt for local restaurants. This was done in Seattle area, as try out. Matt McGee, who is a writer with the site told that he was able to produce the new bing chatbots on the desktop, but had difficulties when operating it on his mobile browser or iOS app.

Let’s look in in detail how this new bing chatbots work. So while searching for a restaurant, specifically with the name of Monsoon, it shows users with a card having the information of the restaurant and questions. Further going on “Ask Monsoon bot for help” directs users to open a Skype pop up at the bottom, where you can look at the details of the restaurant.

New Bing Chatbots

According to the website which reported on this new app, there are various questions you can ask before going to the restaurant that could make things easier and hassle free. You could ask about:

  • Directions to the place
  • Recommend dishes
  • Parking options you have
  • What cards do they accept
  • Discounts if any
  • What’s the price range
  • Can I wear formals
  • Reserving a table

The possibilities and the advantages of this app are immense, but it has certain limitations as well. For example, the list of restaurants is likely very limited, indicating that the service is in its initial stages and needs to be developed further. The bing chatbots themselves seem to be named after the restaurant, which you search. This can be something like Monsoon bot for Monsoon.This is fairly a new step taken by this tech giant which has already developed chatbots for other services like, setting reservations, interacting with business, booking flights as a consumer.

We are hoping these new bing chatbots come soon to our areas.


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