New Brand Imoo on the Smartphone Market Horizon

New brand Imoo is here on the scene and this time with a bang. This might not be a known name to you, but the impact it has, is pretty huge.

New Brand Imoo


Imoo is not a name familiar to you, is it? We are not surprised at all. But when we take names like Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus you are sure to recognize these names. Imoo is the new brand baby of the company that are the highest investors in all the above phone brands. The Chinese investor BBK has a high stake in all these phones and has now released a new brand in the market in the name of Imoo.

BBK is one of the oldest and most popular branding companies in China. It accounts for a huge stock in the Chinese mobile phone market and they are investing in more different brands with the advancement of time. With this new brand they want to revolutionize the market by introducing features that were never incorporated in a smartphone.

Though the official press release of the phone is pending, the company has given out a picture of the phone that they will be releasing in the market quite soon. It looks like a very thing golden colored phone. What stands out is the ‘record’ button. It is assumed that this particular phone is designed so that it will pay a lot of attention to the students. And this is where the new brand Imoo comes in the picture. They can use it to record lectures and do class presentations. The exact release date of the phone is still unknown.

There’s no doubt that this phone will be a hit amongst the students. And the smartphone is developed in a way so it can help students with improving their studies.


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