Instagram Stories Feature: How To Select Multiple Files

Instagram has rolled out new Instagram stories feature that allows users to select multiple images and videos to upload them to their stories. The feature is useful as you can select multiple files.

Instagram Stories Feature

Instagram stories feature

Instagram has always been the reigning king when it comes to photo sharing. And Stories have been the fun factor of the app. Copied from Snapchat or not, the stories feature has taken the world by storm as millions now update their stories every day. To enhance the user experience of the stories feature, Instagram has now updated the stories feature to upload multiple images and videos into the platform.

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How to access this feature?

  • When uploading pictures to stories, click the multiple selection icon, which you will find on the top right corner of the screen. You can toggle it to select multiple photos or just a single one.

Instagram stories feature

  • For this purpose, I am using the camera photos from my phone’s memory. By the way, Instagram will pull all the folders of your phone. So, you can select any media file you want.

Instagram stories feature

  • Select the number of files you want to be uploaded. The maximum number is 10.

Instagram stories feature

  • And I wanted to upload more media files. But when I tried uploading the 11th file, I got a message that the limit is 10 photos or video.

Instagram stories feature

  • The files will be uploaded in the selected sequence, which is one of the best Instagram stories feature.

This is not the only new feature though. Now, Instagram’s location sticker also suggests locations where the picture was taken to add it into the stories. Instagram has also introduced the feature of taking portrait-like photos with a new Focus mode. Many more updates are on their way.

A new feature of scanning codes or a custom tag to allow people to follow you on Instagram has been under testing for a while and is expected to be released officially soon. This feature is similar to Snapchat’s Snapcodes.

The new Instagram stories feature of uploading multiple files is now available on Android and will also be made available on iOS in the coming weeks.

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