New OS from China Likely Very Soon For Smartphones

A new OS from China is likely to be introduced for the Smartphones in the near future. As a matter of fact, there are already some operating systems made by China running on some gadgets. However, the percentage of their use is very negligible.

New OS from China

The new OS from China is targeted at rivals like iOS, Windows and Android. These operating systems are run by Apple, Microsoft and Google. Out of them, iOS and Android are the most widely used OSes.

All these systems are from companies that exist in the United States. There have been differences over technology between the US and China. Therefore, there is a though going around that there should be a new OS from China to take on these established operating systems.

New York Post has said that there has been rift between the two countries over technology. That is why a new OS from China that would be able to take on the OSes from US has become the need of the hour for the Asian country.New OS from China

The Idea behind New OS from China

There are hundreds of thousands of devices in China that are running on OSes like Android, iOS and Windows. All these system have been developed by the US companies. If there is a new OS from China, it will also help the domestic industry in China to catch up with the other companies outside China.

Ni Guangnan is the head of the official OS development alliance. He said that the new OS from China will be first used on desktop devices. It will then be extended to other gadgets like Smartphones and other mobile handsets.

The use of operating systems like Android and iOS are on an extensive basis. There are an increasing number of people who are getting addicted to iOS and Android. Therefore, it will not be easy for the new OS from China to take on the established operating systems.

Even if there are currently operating systems from China, they are not used in a big way. That is why they are not known much in the outside world as compared to the top three operating systems.

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