New Security Flaw in Internet Explorer

New security flaw in Internet Explorer is giving Microsoft a run for their money in all efforts to fix it. To be on the safer side, some anti-virus companies as well as the US administration is proposing to use any alternative.

For taking over the personal details for a user with the help of the loopholes of the browser, a hacker first would have to make sure that the user clicks on a link that leads him to a malicious site.

The new security flaw in Internet Explorer comes close on the heels of the Heartbleed bug that just rocked internet a few days back. It is understood that the Heartbleed affected nearly 67% of internet websites.

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The Internet Explorer has various editions running on almost 58% of desktops computers. The figure is according to the NetMarketShare estimate. Google Chrome, one of the popular browsers today has just about 18% of the market share.Microsoft Logo

The new security flaw in Internet Explorer

It is understood that the problems does exist in the versions of the explorer from 6 to 11. This easily means that there will be problems for the Windows XP users as well. Microsoft has stopped the support for Windows XP from April 8 this year.

There are advices from some other sources like Symantec Corp, who are of the opinion that users should change the browser they use to some other until there is a patch from the US-based software giant. Symantec Corp also further added that the use of security mitigation tool kit should also be used.

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