New Smartphone Launch in India: The Brand New Honor 8 it is!

New smartphone launch in India is about to take place in the upcoming weeks. The little glimpse of it gives a happy feeling. And it’s the Huawei Honor 8. Honor is a sub-division of Chinese company Huawei.

New Smartphone Launch in India

New smartphone launch in India
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Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant is all ready to launch its sub-brand the “Honor 8” smartphone in the continent of India. It will launch in a couple of weeks. We had earlier talked about the Honor 8 launch event along with the specs, price and release date.

Huawei’s Honor 8 smartphone was unveiled in a preview session held this week in Goa. The device features dual camera setup which supports a 12MP rear camera. The camera setup is somewhat similar to the company’s flagship P9 smartphone. The front camera is specialized to shoot awesome beauty effect selfies added as one of its features.  It stands out because of its professional as well as aperture mode.

As far as the new smartphone launch in India is concerned, Sumit Dayal, a Delhi-based freelance photographer said:

“The Honor 8 basically has all the strengths of Huawei’s flagship P9 phone, which has been a photographer’s delight, except the Leica lens. The smartphone allows users to tell stories using the camera as it permits to focus on the objects and blur the surroundings”.

Made in India for Huawei

A Company spokesperson said IANS that Huawei is all set to release its first “Made in India” smartphones. One of the largest smartphone producers Huawei announced that it will collaborate with the solution provider named Flextronics based in Chennai to manufacture a few of its devices.

Honor 8 has already been launched in China, U.S. as well as in a few other countries. The first thing that takes your attention is the sleek look that it has to it. It is a 7.5 mm thick device. It sports a heavy 2.5D glass on the front screen as well as at the back making it a bit delicate to handle. The metallic sidebar of the smartphone gives a stronghold and weighs just 156 g.

The smartphone will be available in three different color versionssunrise gold, blue and white. Tell us what you feel about the new smartphone launch in India? Let’s know about


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