This new Telegram desktop app update is a pure magic! Find out why?

The new Telegram desktop app update has so many new features this time. This is the 1.1.7 version of the app update and there are numerous features in the box.

Telegram desktop app update

Telegram desktop app update
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The features of Telegram desktop app update include improved video messages, picture-picture support, duration countdown and radial playback progress. Also not to forget, the voice and video messages will automatically play one after another.

Have a look at the app features:

The new 1.1.7 Telegram desktop app update is one of the best update of telegram till date. But do you even know what Telegram is all about? Read on to know more:

  • Steady

Telegram is reportedly the fastest messaging application available till date in the market. The application helps in connecting people via a unique distributed network of data centers spread around the globe.

  • Send as many files as you want

Did you know that you can send unlimited media and files on the telegram app irrespective of their type and size. The entire chat history will be securely saved in the telegram app cloud and it will not consume a single space in your device. How cool is that, right?

  • Dominating with its High Power

With the Telegram app, you can create group chats for up to 5000 members, share large videos and documents of any type, and even set up bots for any specific tasks. This makes telegram the perfect community for hosting any online campaign or program.

  • Reliable and Safe

Chats, groups and media, everything on Telegram is 100 percent secured. Everything is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

  • Stay Amused

Now express according to your mood as telegram has a large platform of open stickers/GIFs to cater to your expressive needs. It also has a powerful photo and video editing tool to make your captures crystal clear.

You can download the Application from the Windows store and get the new Telegram desktop app update.


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