New Telegram Update Brings New Features and Upgrades

The new Telegram Update has brought out the night mode and is looking awesome to take on the other instant messaging apps with new and better features.

New Telegram Update

New Telegram Update

One of the more popular chatting applications that are used by people is Telegram. This chatting application has added many updates and new features over the years that have enhanced the overall design and usage of the application. Of all the updates that were brought, the latest one is especially noteworthy.

Streaming is the name of the game these days and almost all apps these days are implementing it. And Telegram has also jumped on to the bandwagon. With this new update, now you can stream videos while you are just downloading them, thus not making you wait anxiously for what the video might be.

With communication and social networking on our hands, our sleep has definitely taken a hit. Though using mobile phones at different is dangerous as it is, the blue light emitted from them is also pretty harmful to our eyes. Well, Telegram has come up with a solution for that. In this new update, Telegram has brought in an option to change the overall theme of the application. There are in total three themes. Default, Blue and Dark. When you use the app at night, you don’t even need to change the theme manually since the app can now detect and switch the theme to Dark mode at night, or when the app senses that it is being used in a dark environment.

How to activate this new and comfortable theme?

  • Open Telegram.
  • Tap the hamburger menu option on the left, which opens a panel on the left.
  • Tap Settings on the panel.
  • Once Settings screen is opened, scroll down and tap on Theme. This will open the various available themes.
  • Select Dark, and thus your Theme will change for the whole application, including your chats, groups and menus.

Among the many new features released is also included a new login widget for websites. When the login page appears for websites, the common options shown are Facebook, Google and sometimes also Twitter. Now Telegram has added the option to log into websites using your Telegram account. On clicking this option, Telegram will share your name, username and profile picture to the website, just like Google and Facebook. But if you wish not to share your Telegram account information, then you can choose not to and also revoke your authorization.

Telegram came to the limelight for being one of the first chatting applications to have bots in the chatting application. With this update, the bots have been improved and now they can be interacted with even without sending a message. These bots are helpful for doing payments and for being notified of flight status, account statements and much more.


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