Nexus 5 to start shipping from this month end

Nexus is said to be ready for shipping from the end of this month. There were some reports doing the rounds earlier that the Nexus 5 would see the light of the day in October and the shipping will start, probably from the last week of the month.

As far as the price is concerned, the report said that the price of the Nexus would be less by 50 per cent as against the Apple iPhone 5S. The estimated price would be around $446. However, there is a mention from a source saying the price revealed as well as the availability was for UK.

However, the worldwide release of the Nexus 5 would also culminate near about the same time. As the battle between these gadgets – Google’s Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S heats up, reports also claim that the new gadget would be able to perform on the same lines as that of the Apple device.

Nexus 5

There isn’t any word on the specification, however. The Google gadget has been seeing tough competition in the market from companies like Sony and Samsung as well as HTC. Sony’s Android Smartphones are available in a range of prices and have more to choose from.

It is believed that the Nexus 5 Smartphone has been developed by LG. There were some leaked images for the previous fortnight or so and at the same time, confirmation of Nexus 5 getting ready for release towards the end of the month. It is also understood that the log files had revealed enough specs.

Some days ago, the Nexus 5 images were leaked that showed the back panel houses a fat camera lens.

The leaked log file had enough to tell about the rumored Nexus 5. Some of the key features were a display of 4.97-inch (5-inch display), which comes in full-HD resolution and 442ppi as pixel density. A quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor is likely to be seated inside the phone with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB RAM.

There are two cameras – the rear camera is 8MP, while the front camera comes in 1.2MP capacity.

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