Niki Chat Bot is the New Key to Book Your OYO Room

Now book your OYO rooms with Niki chat bot, which acts like a personal assistant based on artificial intelligence. OYO Rooms have partnered with Continue your reading to follow the whole story.

Niki Chat Bot


The alliance between OYO Rooms and will help users to make an easy search for their hotels and rooms. A while back, the company had introduced a new offer that targetted the people across the country. The offer allowed people to make early check-in at their booked hotel.

Anurag Gaggar, Head of Product at OYO says:

“We are constantly innovating with our product stack to add delight and offer convenience to our customers. Niki has developed the first of its kind chat-bot that understands human language contextual to products and services, and offers suggestions accordingly.”

Actually, is an artificial intelligence technology which is not based in India. The company launched in October 2015. The Niki chat bot makes use of natural language processing. Additionally, it also uses the machine learning. This way the chat bot assists people to do specific jobs like recharging their devices, booking of the phone, ordering meals from the restaurant, payments of the bill, and lot more.

Niki chat bot uses an automated interaction with the users to help them attain their jobs smoothly. A while back the chat bot had been released on the messenger. So now you can avail the chat bot in your iOS, Android, Windows devices, and also on the web.


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