Nokia 3310 Specs, Price, Release Date & All You Want To Know

Nokia 3310 has been one rugged phone that could withstand any fall, and die-hard Nokia fans are still not over it. The Nokia device still invokes nostalgia for many, whose first mobile device was a 3310.

Nokia 3310
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The Nostalgic Nokia 3310

There are still users who have the device even after 17 years of its launch, and it works perfectly fine. Economic Times reports that a 49-year-old retired British Army Soldier, Dave Mitchell still holds onto his 3310. The report also says that the handset has survived a couple of war zones and still works just fine. If such a device is going to hit the stores again, it will indeed be great news for the Nokia 3310 fans.

Is Nokia 3310 Coming Back?

Recent reports reveal that 2017 will see an upgraded version of the iconic device Nokia 3310. It will certainly be a blast from the past as many users will be happy to welcome the gold old specs of long battery life, durability, and a simple handset. According to the recent reports Concept Creator released the first look of the smartphone age upgraded Nokia 3310. The handset will have a lot of technological and hardware improvements while still holding on to the original molded polycarbonate design.

Expected Features

The upcoming Nokia 3310 is said to feature the first ever camera on the rear side of the device. The device will also come with a 1.5-inch color display, FM radio, classic options like Nokia composer and the snake game. The device will be packed with a 1650mAh battery and 8GB built-in memory. For the first time, the 3310 will sport a micro-USB charging port.

Launch And Price Details

The signature device is expected to be showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 slated to happen on February 26, 2017, at Barcelona. The device is expected to go for sale at a price of $60 (Rs 3700). More updates are expected to be available at the MWC.

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