More Nokia X Android Smartphones coming

There are more Nokia X Android Smartphones coming in the markets. Of course, there were the shares of surprises when Nokia came up with the handsets, but it was ‘business as usual’ for Nokia.

The Nokia acquisition by Microsoft is on the way, but that did not stop the Finland based company to stop from launching Android based Smartphones. When Microsoft does have the Windows Phone platform for their Smartphones, Nokia chose to go the Android way.

Jussi Nevanlinna, Nokia’s Vice President for Mobile Phone marketing was asked the question regarding the timing of the launch of these Smartphones by their company. The timing was addressed as ‘strange’. However, the VP said that he isn’t in a position to speak on Microsoft’s behalf.

Putting the Nokia’s policy of connecting the next billion, Jussi Nevanlinna said that their company’s policy does remain the same – mobiles first and added that even Microsoft focuses on mobiles first; cloud first.

As far as Nokia is concerned, they think that the one way of competing in the market with Smartphones is to have Android-based X platform. To stay in the cut-throat competition, Nokia believes in having more Smartphones in the X series. To give the punch for the marketing, they are also planning to have low-cost devices.

But does that mean any sort of competition for the Nokia Lumia phones? The answer is ready with Nokia. The company states that there is no worrying about the competition as the X series phones are brought out for those consumers who cannot afford the Nokia Lumia phones.

The Nokia X will be slightly lower than the Lumia devices. So, there will also be a price difference as Nokia looks to make it big with the X Smartphones. What’s more, according to the company’s VP for Mobile Phone marketing, they will be looking to slash the prices further.

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