Nokia brings out the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone with 41MP camera

Nokia has brought out the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone with 41MP camera capacity. This is in an effort to bring itself back in the market and make its comeback successful. The powerful 41MP camera allows the users to take brighter and crunchy images apart from video calling.

The phone resembles a lot with the Nokia 920 and sports a very powerful camera to the back. The company had introduced the camera in the Symbian PureView 808 Smartphone in 2012. What’s more, the phone even won an award from for “Best Imaging Innovation” from the Technical Image Press Association.

As a matter of fact, there were hardly any takers for the phone, probably for the reason that it ran on Symbian.Nokia Lumia 1020-1
However, the PureView 808 was the talk of the town and gained a lot of publicity. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Nokia then wanted to rope in the camera in its flagship Windows Phone range.

If one thought that the PureView was anything like a bulky bit of hardware, it should be mentioned that the Lumia 1020 imitates the Lumia 920.

The gadget comes with a screen of 4.5 inch, which is an AMOLED display.

There are currently three colors available to choose from – bright yellow, white and black. The Xenon flash camera to the back protrudes a bit and can be easily seen when flipped. There is also the backside illuminated sensor.

The PureView 808 camera used to protrude a tad too much. However, the same isn’t the case with this device. Nokia has chiseled the handset as well as the camera to perfection so that it does not look odd or uncomfortable.

As far as the front camera is concerned, the Nokia gadget is following the HTC 8X. Both these phones have a wide-angle lens built on the front camera.

The software used for the camera can easily bowl you over. It has a novel Pro Camera app. With this, you can change the shutter speed, the white balance, and the focus. These features allow the user to grab excellent photos and that needs no mention.

The camera comes with Nokia’s image stabilization technology. It can also shoot images in “dual capture” mode. This means you can capture photos in distinct resolutions simultaneously.

Another advantage of this powerful camera is that even when zoomed, the images do not create any noise nor do they show the grain effect. The Lumia 1020 can zoom up to 6x in 720p.
From July 26, the Smartphone will be available for $300 with the AT&T carrier.

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