Nokia Gets WhatsApp Button on Asha 210

A New Feature on Nokia Asha 210

Nokia has specially designed a new brand of mobile phone, dedicated to the Whatsapp. A latest mobile phone launched in India, a new Whatsapp button on Asha 210. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application, which puts forward an alternative to SMS text is free of charge. WhatsApp also uses the internet to send messages, video, audio, and also images.

Asha 210 also has Nokia Xpress Browser which reduces data consumption by up to 90%. Another feature was Nokia nearby which discover points of interest like ATM, restaurants, shopping, and location which is close to the people. There are other pre-installed apps also such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course a new Whatsapp button on Asha 210. This phone does not have 3G connectivity.

There have been handsets that have had a one-touch Facebook and also FM radio button.
As far as the WhatsApp app is concerned,  Nokia happens to be the first to have a dedicated button. That would automatically help the app be the first choice for text apps on the handset. According to some analysts, the impact the app would have would be limited as far as the wider mobile phone users are concerned.Nokia_Asha_210
The high point of the design of the buttons is that with the QWERTY keyboard and the navigation buttons, users can evoke and use WhatsApp. Though, Nokia has offered a subscription for the app as long as the device lasts – the lifespan of the gadget, as against having an annual standard fee.

Nokia, at the moment, is not ready or interested in letting the financial details known yet. The company has taken a wait-and-watch policy. Nokia, world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile phones sold devices to Microsoft in 2014. Asha 210  launched in April 2013.

That would decide their further course of action. The most important decision would be including this feature on the other gadgets.


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