A look at the Nokia Lumia 720

One of the latest Smartphones from Nokia – the Nokia Lumia 720, is mostly seen as a phone that is best suited for professional and business use. However, the features allow the users to customize the phone as per their needs and requirements. But being a business oriented phone, how much can it suit the interests of a common Smartphone user?
The phone is built with a 4.3 inch touchscreen. The camera is also sufficiently built with 6.7MP capacity. Well, this doesn’t really mean a lot for the consumers who are looking for some entertainment from this Nokia product. With the Windows Phone 8.0 pre-loaded there are apps like the Microsoft Office suite, the HERE suite as well as the OneNote apart from the Angry Birds.
With the help of the Microsoft Outlook, you can setup the enterprise email. However, don’t go for it yourself as you will need the assistance of the IT people. This enterprise security is looked after by the features of the remote security-policy enforcement. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoomail are some of the supported email clients.
However, there is that bit of entertainment that you always wanted in the Lumia 720. It is the Xbox Live app. The pre-loaded app gives you something to cheer about. From the Windows phone, it is easy to download the Xbox SmartGlass entirely free. You can then remotely gain control over the Xbox 360 console.
There is a 1.3MP camera to the front. With the MicroSD card, you can expand the storage from 8 GB to 64 GB with cloud storage of 7GB free.

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