Nokia ReefShark: The New 5G Chipset by to be Released Soon

Nokia ReefShark, the new 5G chipset from the company is soon going to be out. What new in this 5G chip, just read on to know. No doubt the 5G is hitting us sooner than schedule.

The new Nokia ReefShark

Nokia ReefShark
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Nokia, always the company to show interest in new groundbreaking technology is at it again. The company that functions with major hardware manufacturing companies like Huawei has come up with a next-generation 5G silicon chipset that works with the revolutionary 5G network Nokia has been pitching on.

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This tiny yet powerful chipset provides the triple capacity when compared to its predecessors. When talking in technical terms, this chipset provides 84 Gigabytes per second while the older ships provided 28 gigabytes per second. Dubbed as the ReefShark, this chipset will ship in the third quarter of this year.

Other features of this chip include the capacity-intensive feature. They also their power consumption feature that cuts and thus preserves power by 66%. These chips run the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas that have the ability to receive and send different data streams simultaneously, thus offering farther and greater capacity and coverage that can be acquired from a single tower.

For this chip to be employed in their cell towers, Nokia is working with around 30 mobile operators. It is likely that this new technology would be up and running within the first year, with large-scale usage expected to be seen within the coming years.


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