Nokia update adds the Peek feature to Lumia phones display

The Nokia update has added the Peek feature for the Lumia phones display. This will allow the Lumia users to tweak the display of their Smartphones. The update can let people update the Display + Touch settings for the 1.6 version. The update is now available in the Windows Store.

However, there is a downside to the update. This update works only with Nokia Amber Update. This simply means only the Nokia Lumia 925 is the Smartphone that can work with the update.

It will take time until the other Windows Nokia 8 phones get this update. Though it is expected to take time, the updates are certainly going to spread in the near future.Nokiaglanceimage1
There are a lot of Nokia Lumia users who will not be able to take the benefit of the update. There are some new functions that Nokia will add to the Windows Phones. These should go well with the interface.

One of these changes allows the users to turn their display on with the help of the proximity sensor that is tuned for the purpose of motion detection. There is also one important thing worth mentioning here.

The update has come with lots of bugs fixed along with the support for the quick mode in the Glance settings. These Glance settings are a part of the on-screen clock that is supported by the Amber update.

These new settings allow the users to hold their hands over the device and have a look at the Glance screen. Users can also check the Peek option that has been recently added.

The Peek option is a very interesting feature. With this, the user can activate the Glance screen by simply hovering the hand. This is done by moving the hand about over the display. The hover allows checking for quick notification and also has an access to the clock mode.

One thing must be mentioned that the update does not have to practically do anything with the bulk of the users, having the proximity sensor for motion detection is still a good idea with lots of usabilities.

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